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Valentines day will be CANCELLED Friday, February 14th, due to inclement weather and dangerous road conditions.

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agirlworth-fightingfor asked: Hey! I have a question. I've been accepted to Clemson for this fall & I really want to do band, but I have a job. Would it be possible to do both?

I’ve known many people to do all three; class, work and Tiger Band.

That mainly depends on how many hours of classes you’re taking, how many hours you work per week & on your own time management skills.

Honestly band doesn’t take up all that much time. 2 hour practices MWF in the evenings, and on the mornings of game days. There’ll be a few mandatory away trips, but they’ll be announced early and they’re really fun!

Tigerband is such a wonderful experience! I definitely  recommend it to everyone!

What do you play? What’s your intended major?

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Trip to the Orange Bowl and Disney World 2013/2014!

Last trip as a member of Tiger Band. Hasn’t hit me yet. Probably will in August, when I’m not getting ready for band camp.

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Chair on top of harcombe…#Clemson

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My school > yours

via AEA.
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My school > yours

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took some photos around campus today

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President Barker has to go in for surgery tomorrow!

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Every College Student  

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ESPN knows what’s up #Clemson #TheRealTigers

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